Front-end Developer

We’re looking for a talented, experienced front-end developer to be part of our company here in Ottawa.

We need a skilled person that loves design as much as they love code, is constantly learning, and has a passion for making user experiences that much better. Your choices are deliberate; you ensure that every part of a project feels as good as it looks. You don’t need to be a designer, but you still value the details.

Every project at Northern Army is unique, and that requires everyone doing a bit of everything. We all work on the exciting stuff and the less exciting stuff. We don’t have a plucky intern getting our stock photos, writing our filler copy or lining up print quotes. Ultimately, your job will be to help make a beautiful final product that makes people happy.

About working here – we’re a fun, friendly bunch that sometimes steam hot dogs for lunch or drink a noon-scotch. We eat in Chinatown a lot, and our Christmas parties are good. The person we’re looking for probably enjoys some of these things.

If you’re this person, take a look at the details below and send us a link to your work right here.

The Job

You will work with the creative director, lead developer and design team to build and integrate designs for clients and internal projects into various platforms, but mostly WordPress. It will be your job to ensure that the design integrity is maintained along all aspects of the project, and is actively involved in designing user interaction from concept to launch.

The ideal candidate is a developer who loves design. You enjoy the challenges that come along with making a site both beautiful and useable, while ensuring that it’s also quick to load and compatible across devices.

What you’ll do

•  Build, manage and maintain websites in HTML, CSS and Javascript
•  Develop HTML/CSS templates from user interface sketches, comps, or detailed specifications
•  Update and enhance websites developed by others
•  Develop clean and valid markup for web and mobile
•  Hand-code standards-compliant HTML and CSS
•  Follow style guidelines and conventions
•  Test, track, and resolve bugs
•  Coordinate tasks and workflow with a multi-disciplinary team of content specialists, developers, and other

Qualifications and Experience


•  Extensive knowledge of HTML/CSS as well as scripting languages, such as SASS
•  Proficiency with JavaScript, particularly the jQuery library
•  3+ years creating cross-browser and cross-device websites
•  Some experience with PHP
•  Proficient in the use of Adobe Creative Suite
•  Experience with building with Wordpress and other major CMSes
•  Knowledge of cross-browser compatibility issues
•  Ability to work on several projects concurrently
•  Excellent problem identification/solving skills
•  Excellent verbal and written communication skills


•  Experience developing WordPress plugins or other applications
•  Experience with major social APIs

To Apply:

Send us your resume highlighting specific experiences with the points above to