What’s up?


Welcome back everybody, it’s great to see you. You look good. Feels like it’s been a while, or like we went away. We never actually did go anywhere, but in a lot of ways it feels like we’re back. Sometimes you’re pushing through the storm so hard, you don’t get a chance to see where the ship is going. Now it’s 2014 and we’ve had a few days of sun, and it’s been refreshing.

So how’s NA? Pretty great, thanks! Over the last year, we’ve moved into a shiny new office, picked up some great clients, and did some projects we’re proud of for some people we deeply admire. And we’ve been open four fucking years. What happened? Well a new site happened, including this little blog slash dream journal. I’m lying on a bed next to a copy of Teen Beat as I write this. The font’s different, kinda weird – half-constructed like the stuff you’ll find here. A little less article based, a little more “what we’re up to” or “work-in-progress”. It should have some fun things you won’t see elsewhere.

Recently, we launched the Northern Army Preservation Society of Canada. Started off simply – a place where, selfishly, I could have my favorite logos in one place. The stuff I stared at way too long as a child and got me into doing what I love. It’s a cool project and you should check it out. Strombo liked it. You too good for strombo?

Also, very soon, check back to our online shop; we’ve got some really good stuff lined up. We’re finally sold out of SIGNALS posters, so it’s time for some new shit. We don’t do a newsletter, so best way to stay tuned into any store updates is through @northernarmy on the twitter, and on instagram. We promise almost zero feet selfies.

I think that’s about it. Just wanted to write a quick thing saying hello, and welcome. Here’s to a bitchin’ year. We hope you like the new site.